How It Works

There are 2 different types of memberships

Corporate memberships and candidate memberships. With a Corporate membership companies share their openings on the network for candidate members to see. These Candidate members can search the network and apply for the opening or they can wait for the Corporate member company to conduct a search of Candidate members who fit the profile and reach out to them directly. Some Corporate members are more passive than others. They may not search the Candidate membership directory and will wait for you to directly send them your profile to them to show your interest in the opening shared on the network for Candidate members.

There are 2 different types of candidates

Passive and Active. You can be a passive candidate and wait for companies to access your profile and reach out to you when they have an interest in speaking with you or you can be an Active Candidate and search openings and send your profile to that Corporate member company to let them know of your interest.