About Global Recruiter

Global Recruiter Job Board

Global Recruiter is a private international job board designed for professionals who are confidentially looking for a new opportunity, or for the client company who is wanting to hire anonymously. Most of our client company members are either Fortune 1,000 Companies or are large international professional search firms. A large portion of our client companies are open to visa sponsorship, as well as assisting in relocation costs. As much as 80% of our posted openings are confidential and are not shared with the general public. A candidate can also apply anonymously to any of our job postings. This is a paid membership program and candidates who are interested in membership must be referred by a current candidate member or a current company member. Each candidate member is allowed a maximum of one referral for membership. This is an exclusive invite-only program and it is not offered to the general public, thus 99.99% of the public will never learn of the program. If you received an email from us then that means one of our members has referred you in confidence.

About Global Recruiter Job Board

The Global Recruiter job board is a tool that is used by both client company and candidate. We commonly refer to the job board as the PIP (Partners in Performance) program. It is designed for professional candidates who are interested in learning about other career opportunities throughout the globe. It is a paid membership program. While the costs are shared by both the client company and the candidate, the majority of the costs are paid by the client company. Only a small fraction (a few dollars) comes from candidate members. It is an exclusive membership whose members must be referred by a current member. It is not open to the general public and membership is limited. Just because a candidate is referred does not guarantee them membership. Once a candidate has applied for membership, a recruiter reviews their file and makes a determination regarding acceptance to the PIP program. Candidate members share in the cost for 3 reasons: 1) We are only interested in partnering with candidates who are serious about advancing their careers. If membership was free then anyone could join, even non-serious candidates. Our client companies, as well as our employees, could be wasting their time reaching out to non-serious members about career opportunities. By having candidate members pay a small fraction of the cost (a few dollars) we limit this risk. 2) Revenue is limited because membership is exclusive. Candidates can only join by being referred by a current member. Then they have to pass our internal screening process. Thus, 99.99% of the population will never be invited to join. 3) Each position we recruit for has a maximum number of candidates we will allow for membership. For instance, if we conduct 25 global searches for a Director of Engineering on an annualized basis and only allow 100 Director of Engineering positions across the globe into the PIP program, we need to make sure that those candidates are truly not only interested in furthering their career but that they also have the right skill set that our clients typically look for, otherwise our client companies are not happy with their limited selection to choose from.